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Unitatea Duhului Sfant.


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27 Sep 2011
Promises, Promises
God has made me laugh Genesis 21:6
The stench of strong perfume draped itself through the air in the harem. One woman, olive-skinned, traced a steady thin line around the shape of her lips. Another ran her finger through the spirals of her hair. Two young, fiery girls, who couldn’t have been any more than late teens, fought over a mirror. A bell rang and instantly every girl, young and old, assumed a position. The olive-skinned woman pouted by the water feature. Another trained her eyes on the special visitor. And the two fiery girls jumped into high heel shoes clicking a steady rhythm on the marble floors. Sarah, however, was lost for what to do. A dumpish, overweight man with a thick beard and manicured hands clicked his fingers. Immediately, girls drooped over the king’s shoulders, but he brushed them off like mosquitoes. Instead, his eyes ran all over Sarah’s body. She pulled her gown into herself. Where was God now? She’d laughed when she’d been promised a child. ‘I mean at my age,’ she’d scoffed. She’d stayed silent as Abraham, her beloved, had betrayed her into the palace of the King of Gerar, which means ‘the halting place’ (read the story in Genesis 20). And for what? To save his own skin. Now as the king’s hand slithered around her waist she was beginning to lose all hope of ever finding her happy ending. And yet God will rescue her. And she will get her promised child. And maybe you too find your life has come to a screeching halt. Like your promise is in ‘the halting place’. God always come true on His promises. Always.
Bible in a Year: 1 Sam 16-17 Matt 27:32-44 Ps 68:1-18 Pr 22:1-5;
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What is the GoldMine Plan?

How much better to get wisdom than gold!
Proverbs 16:16

The GoldMine Plan is a three-year Bible reading plan for families.

Watch this introductory video, then watch the two parts of our live presentation, which will answer most of your questions.

Part I – The REASON

From the Bible, about the Bible


Part II – The PLAN

The GoldMine Plan explained (including the scope and the sequence – min. 7)

Goldmine Bible Reading Plan Part 1

Goldmine Bible Reading Plan Part 1 from Keith Moyers on Vimeo.


Goldmine Bible Reading Plan Part 2

Goldmine Bible Reading Plan Part 2 from Corina Pasca on Vimeo.


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