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A Letter from Heaven ~For All Fathers

fathers-dayMy sons of whom I love dearly; you are the foundation of the family, and I have assigned to you a specific challenge to accomplish in this modern-day world. Your position will be challenged not so much by your own children, but by the very societal structure of this disoriented day.   With the structural breakdown of traditional families and roles so clearly undefined, it has left a door open for displacement to set in.  Your challenge will be a difficult one, but I have extended to you an extraordinary grace for this season of uncertainty.

I, your Lord God have placed inside you an exceptional heart of courage and strength. I have given you the wisdom and discernment to stand as loving fathers, even if the world calls it unfashionable.  I made you in my image to be a reflection of my heart, and my heart is love for all mankind. 

 Through our love we can conquer the deception of the spirit of this age and restore the position of the patriarch to the headship of the family.  I designed your role to be a shield for your family; you are their protector.   Your eyes are to watch over them and guide them along the path.   Your words should always be spoken with the truth; as a Shepherd.  The actions of your life will be expressed in your children, so remember to act accordingly.  I gave you arms to wrap them in love and to be an extension of my benevolent hand.  Your mind is as one with your Heavenly Father, renewed by the Spirit of my Adoring Son.  Impart into them my Kingdom Knowledge and they shall not fall by the  wayside.

 Govern with Compassionate Authority and direct them toward their eternal destiny.   Time is valuable and your wisest investment is your children, they are your legacy; both your natural and your Spiritual children.  Fathers of today are a blessing to a misguided generation, in a world needing  restoration.

 What the world sees as an archaic role is a rebellion against the Fatherly position.  Their rebellion is against your Heavenly Father and they are in need of a Father’s love the most.   I am your Lord thy God, I am the same as I was when I raised up Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.                                                                                Fathers; you are my sons whom I have created to be respected, and honoured. My Spirit dwells in the heart of the patriarchs; even in this modern-day.

       ”Happy Father’s day”                                                                             ~Love Your Father in Heaven ♥ 

Written by Cindy Livingstone; inspired by the Holy Spirit for all of God’s Fathers,  both in the Natural and Spiritual….. Thank you for surrendering your hearts. Much Love to you on your Special Day.

   ~C.A. Livingstone ©2013


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