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From the time of Protestant Reformation, many churches
have tried to get as close to the New Testament as
possible. Conforming to the New Testament pattern
requires that a church should have the right doctrine, right emphasis, and also that it should reject all
what God rejects.
Many churches have the right doctrines, but they do not emphasize that which is to be given
emphasis and thus the fail in conforming to the Bible. Others have the right emphasis, but do not
teach the whole counsel of Scripture so that people soon drift into human do-goodism instead of a

Bible-based holy living. Still others try to give the right direction to the church through creeds and
customs, but succeed only in taking the church closer to the carnal society.
The Brethren Movement, however, has succeeded in emphasizing the right doctrine, right practices,
and also in rejecting all man-made additions to the church. Thus it is a unique group, as close to the
New Testament principles as possible.
After reading this book, some of you might want to point to the shortcomings of the Brethren
Assemblies. Please remember, shortcomings will always be there in the Christian world as long as our
sin nature is with us. Thus the main question should not be “why are there these shortcomings in our
churches”. Rather, the right question that each one of us should as is “since I am part of such a
blessed group, what has been my contribution so far to enrich this group”. Once our readers start
asking this question honestly to themselves, they will find that they are on the path of a new
transformation in their spiritual life.

Come, Let Us Go Back To The Bible!
Please Join The Mission of Brethren Research Group
Every reform movement comes to slumber in a century or less. There are practically no exceptions in
the last two millennia of church history. Thus each generation needs Ezras and
Nehemiahs to rebuild the foundations that were once laid down but which are in
ruins now! The only solution is to go back to the Bible and its fundamentals.
The authors stand unashamedly and without wavering on the following
fundamental principles: Bible Alone (Sola Scriptura), Faith Alone (Sola Fide), Grace
Alone (Sola Gratia), Christ Alone (Solus Christus). With this in mind we bring to
you a set of writers who stand strong on these principles.
Please join this movement by distributing copies of this Ebook in any format
(electronic, print, on CDs, pen drives) to your family, friends, and church members.
Announce it on your website and in your bulletins. Ask people to download and
read it.
All books can always be downloaded free from http://FreeEbooks.Itz4u.com
Remember, a mere five minutes spent by you to introduce these FREE Ebooks to a friend in need can
transform his entire life, so do make this investment today itself!

About The Authors
Dr. Johnson C. Philip is a physicist and Christian communicator. He is also
the senior-most Christian apologist in India, having trained more than
10,000 apologists worldwide through distance education. At present he
serves on the faculty of several theological seminaries worldwide.
He has authored close to 100 books/ebooks and over 10,000 article (2011)
and a good number of his ebooks are available free. He is also an expert in
Indian Numismatics.
He made a decision to serve the Lord and to stand for the Brethren Distinctives when at the age of 5
he witnessed how opponents to the gospel burned Bibles and gospels in Kota where his father
(along with the late Dr. MA Thomas, late Paul S Cant, and KC John) was serving the Lord. In the
past he has served as the Principal of Rehoboth Theological Institute (Brethren) and the Academic
Dean of Brethren Bible Institute, Pathanamthitta. At present he is the Principal of Brethren
Theological College, Kallisseri.
Dr. Saneesh Cherian is sociology major with interest in Theology and
communication. He has authored close to 50 books/ebooks and
numerous articles. He was one of the architects of the first Christian
apologetics and Systematic Theology textbooks in the Malayalam
language, produced by a team of writers at the Brethren Bible Institute,
Pathanamthitta and Rehoboth Theological Institute, Trichur.
In the past he has served as the Academic Dean of Rehoboth Theological
Institute (Brethren). At present he serves on the faculty of several theological seminaries
worldwide, including Brethren Theological College as its Academic Dean.
He developed an interest in writing when he studied theology under Dr. Johnson at Brethren Bible
Institute, and has devoted his life to stand for Brethren Distinctives.

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