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“Oh, it’s not so bad.” 

Or is it?

If you’ve been in Christian circles for very long and dealing with worldly, carnal behavior in God’s church in the west and other affluent areas, this phrase is surely to rear its ugly head.

Now that we’ve seen that the eternal purpose of God the Almighty is to help complete the kingdom of God…Your kingdom come! As He defines His love from us and to us in obeying Him, it’s a matter of eternal life and earth to discern what brings Him pleasure or causes wrath. What brings Him glory? The opposite of what the world loves to do. Ask any young child who knows Jesus and they’ll often tell you honestly what is right and wrong in the sight of God. The adults learn by example to justify the flesh.

Years ago, one of my young sons and I did some research on Halloween, and wrote the subsequent piece below. We also have these in a very effective track format that’s been used by many over the years. We were stunned at what the Lord God showed us about this “celebration.”

Many Christians try to “Christianize” pagan celebrations by cleaning them up. Ask yourself and those who do such things, how does this bring the Father glory (esteem, honor, respect, value, radiance) by making Him bigger like a billboard to the lost world? Or does it just tickle our flesh?

Ask the Holy Spirit and those in His body to show you the Truth. He never fails us. Jesus died and was resurrected for the Truth, and as the Truth.



Why do you participate in Halloween? Have you ever really thought of what Halloween means? Is it simply cute witches, smiling ghosts, friendly graveyards and black cats that are only a little scary?

Or is it something much, much more – with a terrifying past and leading unsuspecting people into other dangerous paths? How do you explain this increasingly dangerous night?

“Oh, it’s not so bad.”  Or is it?


It all started thousands of years ago by people called Celts, who were primarily from Britain and France. They worshiped mother nature and many other gods, similar to America today. Among their gods were the sun, and spirits of woods and streams.

The cold, short days of winter, along with the “disappearance of the sun,” were a great mystery to the Celts and filled them with fear and superstition. So, they made up a lie that each year the sun god was attacked by the evil powers of cold and darkness and was held prisoner for six months.

The Celts called winter the “season of death” and believed it was ruled by Samhain (the devil), the Lord of the Dead and Prince of Darkness, who called together all the dead, wicked souls who had died in the last year and, to pay for their sins, had been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals.

The greater the person’s sins, the lower the animal into which his or her soul had been placed. The Festival of Samhain, held on October 31st (the day before winter began), was for the Celts, a “celebration” of death, to honor and “worship” their sun god, the spirits and Samhain.  

druidsDruids, men who were the Celts’ priests and teachers, would lead the fanatical night ceremonies. The Druids, who practiced witchcraft and fortune telling, believed that on Halloween, the ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches,  and elves of the dead returned to their former homes and came out to harm crops and trouble the Celtic people.

To protect themselves, they built huge “bonfires” (actually called “bonefires” back then – used to destroy the bones) on the hilltops next to an altar. There they worshiped the Lord of the Dead, Samhain, and killed livestock, burned crops, and burned imprisoned  cathalloween 3s  in wicker baskets.   

They also imprisoned people and their own children in wicker cages built to resemble animals, and burned them to death as sacrifices, all for the Prince of Death. They did all this to “keep away evil spirits and demons.” Not exactly roasting marshmallows and shouting “Boo!”


The Romans, years later and at harvest time, laid out apples and nuts for their fruit and garden goddess called Pomona. Still later, the early Roman Catholic Church contribution to Halloween was a considerable one. Rather than obliterate pagan ways, shrewd Church leaders set about conforming existing pagan rites into their new Christian ones.

As the Catholic Church conquered the German Saxons and the Norsemen of Scandinavia and to accommodate the vanquished peoples insistence of practicing the ancient Druid and pagan holidays, the Church in 835 A.D approved November 1st as All Saints’ Day or All Hallows (all ‘holies’), a holiday (holy day) to honor all saints.

They also addall saintsed All Souls Day on November 2nd to honor all dead people and built “bonefires,” had parades and  dressed up like saints, angels and devils (sound familiar?). However, the people refused to give up the Samhain and Pomona customs and continued to “celebrate” them on October 31st.

By now called The Night of the Witches Sabbath, the event was devoted to the dead, ‘stealing souls’ and where the devil was worshiped by all his followers – witches, warlocks and demons. They all gathered to perform cruel, sadistic acts, and to mock the coming of the Church’s festival of All Saints Day on November 1st, the very next day.

The Church leaders hoped that, by making November 1st a religious holiday, the evil, pagan rituals that had survived over the centuries would be forgotten. It didn’t work. The rituals continued. The Church, ironically, gave the day its name, calling it All Hallows’ Eve.  Eventually, the name was shortened to Hallowe’en, and then to Halloween.skeleton

Thus, Pomona gave us apples and nuts; Samhain gave us death, sacrifices, witches, fortune telling, magic and evils spirits; All Saints and Souls Day gave us ghosts, skeletons and skulls. Not a wonderful family influence.

There are now dozens of Halloween divination (fortune telling) games that use apples and nuts to predict one’s future. In some countries, people thought a sneeze on Halloween would shot the soul out of the body for a second and the devil could take the soul to hell in that time. Quickly saying, “God bless you” protected the loose soul from the devil, they thought.


The “tradition” of wearing Halloween costumes is greatly misunderstood. People don’t realize what they’re really doing and if someone  asks them why they often respond with, “…because everybody else is doing it!!”

Halloween-kids-002Many of our misunderstood Halloween customs came from the land of the Celts and Druids. Remember Samhain, the Lord of Death and his “festival”? The Druids believed that on this night the souls of the dead returned to their former homes to be entertained by the living. Evil spirits demanded to be satisfied with a “treat” consisting of acceptable food and shelter. If not provided, they would cast spells, cause havoc and terror, as well as haunt and torment the living.

On that night, people were afraid to be alone so they paraded in costumes made from the skins and heads of animals. They thought this pleased Samhain and would “keep away the evil spirits and demons” by disguising themselves as one of them. By playing this “trick” on them, the evil spirits would think the Celts were one of them and so be left alone.

Look closely! Here is the beginning of “Trick-or-Treat.”

This custom has been passed down to today’s American culture and hardly anybody realizes its significance or how it originated.  It was the Church that firmly established the custom of visiting house to house on All Hallows Eve – a practice that evolved into America’s “Trick-or-Treat.”

jack o lanternThe Celts also carried lights, carved out of  turnips, to  keep away  evil  spirits  when  they  went outside on October  31st.  Later  on,  an  old  Irish   story developed. Once there was a man named Jack who was very mean, stingy and tricky. When he died, he had been too mean to go to Heaven, but when alive, he had “tricked” the devil to keep his soul from hell. Jack  had no place to go, so the devil threw him a piece of burning coal.

“Put this into the turnip you are eating,” he told Jack. “This will be your lantern.” Jack is still walking with his lantern, looking for a place to stay.

Years later, children carved grinning faces on the turnips. They were called “bogies” (the ‘bogie’ man), but soon the name turned to “jack-o’-lanterns.” In America, we use pumpkins carved with faces, to keep the devil “away.”


Article after article in the media graphically reports Satanic activity during the Halloween observance. “We enjoy the commercial exploitation of the public at Halloween.. it’s free publicity,” commented a Satanic high priest in one interview. He went on to say that most people have now fully accepted the “Halloween tradition” of “ghosts, witches and evil spirits” as the costumes of people. In fact, The Festival of Samhain remains a principal sabbath among modern day witches and other neo-pagans. So much for “good, clean fun.”

Halloween really is a Satanic “holiday,” but not many of us know the whole truth, or want to realize it. We should face that truth, even if it is frightening and bizarre. “Well, that may be true, but I would never get involved with anything like that. Oh, it’s not so bad,” you say.

halloween sacrifices

Halloween sacrifices & bloody pentagram

Would you take poison a drop at a time knowing it wouldn’t kill you immediately? Does a “little” bit of evil lead to a little greater evil? Hitler and Stalin murdering millions. Ted Bundy raping and dismembering coeds. Madonna pretending (?) to have sex with animals. Kids worshiping and sacrificing living things to Satan. Did they all start that way? Or was it a gradual decline? Where do these people start their pursuit of this evil? Do their parents say, “Oh, it’s not so bad?”  What do you think?

“Oh, it would never happen to me or my kids?” Oh? Have you ever seen a beach erode a little at a time? What if years from now your daughter or son ended up off the deep end in one of these evil, scandalous situations? Can you be 100% certain they won’t? Is this Halloween stuff safe? Do you want that responsibility of contributing to their fall on your conscience and record before facing God at the Judgment Seat?

Ever wonder what Almighty God Himself has to say about all of this? What does His Holy Bible have to say? If the Bible isn’t perfectly true, then why can’t skeptics find any errors in it, and why does the President of the United States place his hand upon the Bible and swear to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to uphold the truth in leading our country?

For our protection, well-being and safety, God provides Truth for us to obey: “You shall not practice witchcraft or fortune telling.”1  Also, “Do not turn to ghosts or spirits…do not seek them out…”2 Why not? Jesus knows all about the likes of a Hitler or Stalin. And Bundy. And Madonna. And the Satan worshipers. He knows exactly where they started their slide toward deeper and deeper evil.

God’s holiness is perfect, and His love pours out on us as He warns of sliding deeper into evil. For our own welfare, He says,  “Abstain from every form of evil.”3 and “Let us have a genuine hatred for evil and a real devotion to good.”4    Also, ” Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.”5  Finally, “…whatever is true…honorable …right…pure…lovely… let  your  mind  dwell on these things.”6

The devil and his evil demons haven’t changed since God threw them out of Heaven ages ago in their rebellion toward Him, and He gave them limited rights to cause evil on earth. Jesus Christ Himself confronts them over 75 times in the Bible.

The devil isn’t an ugly, red creature with horns and a pitchfork. He is a brilliant minded, evil reality that can win peoples affections with appealing lies  – twisting the truth just a bit to get people like you and I running downhill out of control. If this were not so, why is the world in the mess it’s in? 

Although God is in full control, He allows the devil’s evil and other human suffering to draw all mankind to Himself through His Son. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”7 

Halloween. “Oh, it’s not so bad.”

Or is it?

Making the right decision counts for eternity.

Forever. The road to hell is not marked with illuminated road signs, dear friends.

1  ( Leviticus 19.26);  2   (Leviticus 19.31); 3  (1 Thessalonians 5.22);  4   (Romans 12.9) ;  5  (Ephesians 5.11);  6  (Philippians 4.8);   7  (John 14.6)





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Should Christians Be Celebrating Halloween?
Looking At Halloween From The Bible’s Perspective

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“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them]. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” Ephesians 5: 11,12

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Ancient Druids.

Many Christians celebrate holidays, such as Halloween, without thinking about their origins or true meaning. It is impossible to separate Halloween from the Druids because they originated the “holiday.” For several hundred years before Christ, the Celts inhabited what is now France, Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland. Celtic priests were called Druids. These people were eventually conquered by the Romans. Information about the Celts and Druids comes from Caesar and the Roman historians, Greek writings from about 200 B.C., and very early records found in Ireland. Greek and Roman writings about the Druids dwell heavily on their frequent and barbaric human sacrifices. The ancient Irish texts say little about human sacrifices, but detail the Druids’ use of magic to raise storms, lay curses on places, kill by the use of spells, and create magical obstacles.

Druids worshipping the Devil at Stonehenge

Human Sacrifices. Davies, however, a 16th century writer who traced his family lineage directly back to Druid priests who fought against Caesar, clearly describes the human sacrifices of his ancestors and the secret sacrifices still performed regularly by the Druids of his time. By 47 A.D., Rome finally defeated the Druids in Britain and outlawed human sacrifices. The few remaining Druids went underground. Today a growing group of people claiming to be of direct Druid descent, still practice their religion, including human sacrifice. Those in England still perform ceremonies at Stonehenge.

Druids starting bonfires to give homage and worship to their pagan gods. This included the burning of animals and crops to appease thier deities.

November 1st was the Celtic new year. October 31st was celebrated by the Druids with many human sacrifices and a festival honoring their sun god and Samhain, the lord of the dead. They believed that the sinful souls of those who died during the year were in a place of torment, and would be released only if Samhain was pleased with their sacrifices.

Monks Fascinated By Druids. rish records tell of the fascination the Catholic monks had with the powerful Druids, and Druids soon became important members of their monasteries. Pope Gregory the Great decided to incorporate the Druids’ holiday into the church. He made the proclamation, “They are no longer to sacrifice beasts to the devil, but they may kill them for food to the praise of God, and give thanks to the giver of all gifts for His bounty.” Pope Gregory III moved the church festival of October 31st to November 1st and called it All Hallows or All Saints’ Day. Pope Gregory IV decreed that the day was to be a universal church observance. The term Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve.

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Best-selling christian author William Schnoebelen, and we will be discussing the cultural phenomenom of vampires and zombies. Also talking about the occult roots of Halloween, the secret symbols of Masonry, and the King James Bible!

The founding fathers of America refused to permit the holiday to be observed because they knew it was a pagan holiday. Halloween was not widely celebrated in the U.S. until about 1900. In the 1840’s there was a terrible potato famine in Ireland which sent thousands of Catholic Irish to America. They brought Halloween with them. The modern custom of going from door to door asking for food and candy goes back to the time of the Druids. They believed that sinful, lost souls were released upon the earth by Samhain for one night on October 31st while they awaited their judgment. They were thought to throng about the houses of the living and were greeted with banquet-laden tables. People greatly feared these spirits and thought that the spirits would harm and even kill them if the sacrifices they gave did not appease Samhain. They carved demonic faces into pumpkins or large turnips, placing a candle in them to keep the evil spirits away from their homes.

The modern custom of going from door to door asking for food and candy goes back to the time of the Druids. They believed that sinful, lost souls were released upon the earth by Samhain for one night on October 31st while they awaited their judgment. They were thought to throng about the houses of the living and were greeted with banquet-laden tables. People greatly feared these spirits and thought that the spirits would harm and even kill them if the sacrifices they gave did not appease Samhain. They carved demonic faces into pumpkins or large turnips, placing a candle in them to keep the evil spirits away from their homes.

The tradition of bobbing for apples and giving out nuts came from a Roman addition to the Druidic New Year’s eve. The Romans worshiped Pomona who was the goddess of the harvest. They combined their harvest festival to Pomona with Halloween. Very little archeological evidence of the Druids has been found, but there is excellent agreement between the Roman and Irish documents. Both clearly state that the knowledge of the Druids was never committed to writing but passed from generation to generation by oral teaching. This was to protect their secrets. In his writings, Davies indicates that he came under much persecution by his family for putting in writing his information about Druids. The same is true today. Nothing is put into writing. The Druids continue on secretly with much the same traditions.

The widespread problem of harmful substances such as razor blades, drugs, poisons, needles, etc. being placed in the Halloween treats here in America is no accident. Testimonies of several ex-Satanists show that these children killed and injured by the “treats” are sacrifices to Satan (or Samhain). Satanists throughout the world continue to perform human sacrifices on Halloween. Is this something you want YOUR child to participate in?” source – Chick Publications

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