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Paul Washer – War On The Sinner’s Prayer


Uploaded by on Jan 2, 2009

 This is my favorite excerpt of Paul Washer’s message entitled: 10 Indictments of the Modern Church. He’s a true messenger of God and is highly anointed in the Holy Spirit.

My salvation wasn’t rested on a simple prayer. An overwhelming flood of JOY flowed over my entire body and I knew I was saved. It was a complete surrendering over to His love.

Test yourself and see if you are truly saved. If you really, truly are you should HATE sin and be moving away from it as much as possible.

1 John 2:15 – “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

I hope this has convicted some of you. If it did then the Holy Spirit is moving in your life.

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Resurrection of Jesus –  video




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Dr. William Lane Craig on the significance of Jesus’ triumphal entry in Jerusalem.

http://reasonablefaith.org – Dr. William Lane Craig speaks on the significance of Jesus’ triumphal entry in Jerusalem.

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry (William Lane Craig)


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Salvation by Francis Chan39:42 Salvation by Francis Chanby sermonindex15,582 views

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Iubirea (Corinteni 13:1) recitat de Marcel Iures


Marcel Iures-Despre Iubire


1 Corinteni 13

1. Chiar daca as vorbi in limbi omenesti si ingeresti, si n-as avea dragoste, sunt o arama sunatoare sau un chimval zanganitor.

2. Si chiar daca as avea darul prorociei si as cunoaste toate tainele si toata stiinta; chiar daca as avea toata credinta, asa incat sa mut si muntii, si n-as avea dragoste, nu sunt nimic.

3. Si chiar daca mi-as imparti toata averea pentru hrana saracilor, chiar daca mi-as da trupul sa fie ars, si n-as avea dragoste, nu-mi foloseste la nimic.

4. Dragostea este indelung rabdatoare, este plina de bunatate; dragostea nu pizmuieste; dragostea nu se lauda, nu se umfla de mandrie,

5. nu se poarta necuviincios, nu cauta folosul sau, nu se manie, nu se gandeste la rau,

6. nu se bucura de nelegiuire, ci se bucura de adevar,

7. acopera totul, crede totul, nadajduieste totul, sufera totul.

8. Dragostea nu va pieri niciodata. Prorociile se vor sfarsi; limbile vor inceta; cunostinta va avea sfarsit.

9. Caci cunoastem in parte si prorocim in parte;

10. dar, cand va veni ce este desavarsit, acest “in parte” se va sfarsi.

11. Cand eram copil, vorbeam ca un copil, simteam ca un copil, gandeam ca un copil; cand m-am facut om mare, am lepadat ce era copilaresc.

12. Acum, vedem ca intr-o oglinda, in chip intunecos; dar atunci, vom vedea fata in fata. Acum, cunosc in parte; dar atunci, voi cunoaste deplin, asa cum am fost si eu cunoscut pe deplin.

13. Acum, dar, raman acestea trei: credinta, nadejdea si dragostea; dar cea mai mare dintre ele este dragostea.


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You’re Either All In for Christ or You’re Not In – Tim Conway


MP3: http://illbehonest.com/Youre-Either-All-In-for-Christ-or-Youre-Not-In-Tim-Conway

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