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A Biblical Church – Paul Washer



Uploaded by illbehonest on Jul 31, 2009

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  • Amen..thats the truth!
  • AMEN from me to as well 🙂 It is wonderful to be able to communion with other believers when i do get the chance too…thanks for posting..God Bless 🙂
  • AMEN from me too. This is a powerful video !

 . Amen! This is one of the best teaching I’ve heard in a long time.

.Paul Washer has always been a breath of fresh air to me. I am a pastor’s wife, and yet here is where I am fed.

.One thing that stood out in this video is abt making disciples when brother paul said, “You can’t teach them to obey what God has commanded you unless you’re obeying what God has commanded you” & that we have to be an influence with our lives.

I never knew making a disciple is this serious.. I have been told any christian can do it but I always thought it shouldn’t be taken lightly & it’s a serious matter. I don’t think any christian can do it.. I think only a follower of Christ can do it…



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